Visa-liberalisation for Kosovo: the EU barely hears the voice of the citizens from the state-border cage in the Western Balkans

Despite its strategic position, Kosovo seems to live in a state border cage. The solution to this geographical isolation can be solved through visa liberalisation by the EU institution. Although it has been discussed for a long time, EU institutions do not seem to be fully responsive to the problem, especially considering the obstructive position of some even influential member states. The present article aims at unpacking the current situation of the visa liberalisation process, shedding light on the actual steps taken by the country to meet the criteria established by the EU and the negotiations and developments within the EU institution on the issue. Lifting those restrictions of movement could not only make life easier for the citizens but also bring Kosovo closer to the European Union.

EU Basics: The European Institutions

Is the functioning of the European Union far too complicated for you? Don´t worry, in this article Laura de Boer explains the difference between the Commission, Parliament and the Councils in an easy and funny way. As a bonus, you will get information about the available traineeship opportunities at the Institutions.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Refugees at the European Borders

In her article, Atiena Abed Nia puts the focus on the refugee’s situation at the European borders and the EU’s corresponding policies and actions. With Morocco as an example, it deals with the European migration policy and takes a closer look into the ‘New Pact on Migration and Asylum’. Finally, Atiena gives her own assessment of the EU’s necessary actions for the future.

Who will chicken out first? Europe facing Russia´s demands for gas payments in roubles

By Barbora Volková This article is written by the newest addition of the editorial team: Barbora Volková (Czech, cohort 2021/2023). She studied in Udine during her first semester and is currently doing her second semester in Groningen. It has been more than a month since Russian troops without justification attacked Ukrainian territory on the 24th … Continue reading Who will chicken out first? Europe facing Russia´s demands for gas payments in roubles

The Utopic State of the Union concerning European Covid-19 Management 

In this opinion piece, Laila Lange (Groningen/Bilbao, cohort 2021/2023) scrutinises the 2021 State of the Union speech and argues that Von der Leyen self-aggrandises Europe’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is argued that she, thereby, disconnects her description of the state of the Union from reality and harms European credibility.

Cultivating Consent Culture: Shifting Attitudes in Public and Politics

By Loura Kruger-Zwart This article is the third of a short publication series in which articles written by the new editorial team will be showcased. This article is written by Loura Kruger-Zwart (from Australia and New Zealand, cohort 2021/2023), currently doing her first semester at the University of Groningen. Content Note: this article discusses rape, … Continue reading Cultivating Consent Culture: Shifting Attitudes in Public and Politics