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Hannah Bieber
(2019-2021 – Uppsala, Göttingen)
“I decided to embark on the Euroculture adventure after finishing my BA in Culture, History and Literature of the Anglophone World. As I wanted to learn more about European politics and international relations and to study abroad, this MA seemed like the perfect program for me. I have a passion for international relations, security and peace studies and Eastern-Asian cultures. In my free time, I love reading the news, writing and discovering music from all around the world.” 



Johanna Pieper
(2019-2021 – Göttingen, Groningen)
Editor – Blog section
“After finishing my BA in Translation studies, I joined Euroculture because I wanted to learn more about European politics and focus mainly on comparative regionalism. As a German-Peruvian, I am greatly interested in the development of Latin American regional organizations and their partnerships with the European Union. In my free time, I love to travel, eat pasta with pesto and my ultimate hobby is drinking lots of coffee while reading Latin American literature.”
Leyre Castro
(2019-2021 – Krakow, Göttingen)
Editor – Social Media manager

“Hey! I joined Euroculture after my BA in International Relations. It is said that Krakow is a trap, and I can confirm it: after spending a year there I knew that I needed to go back and to keep on learning about Central and Eastern Europe, so this programme seemed perfect for me. I love learning about history and politics and I am especially interested in anything related to Eastern Europe, from music to architecture and politics. I can spend hours watching videos about anything related to these topics. I also love reading fiction and discovering new music.”
Felix Lengers
(2020-2022 – Groningen, – )
Editor – Blog section

“Before joining Euroculture, I did a BA in European studies, specializing in European History and of course, participating in an exchange. Here I learned that being in an international environment gives me tons of energy and that learning about different cultures and meeting new people are two of my major passions. Thus, when I found out about Euroculture, this seemed like a perfect match! I have always found Latin America very intriguing, but through travelling I have also developed a love for Eastern Europe. Besides travelling, in my free time I love to read, cook, watch movies, listen to music and go for a drink with friends.”
Sophie Renhuldt
(2020-2022 – Udine, – )
Editor – Cultural reviews

“After studying modern languages and cultures, I joined Euroculture in pursuit of new perspectives: both in terms of transnational experiences, as well as new frameworks through which to view the contemporary challenges facing Europe. I am really interested in the interplay between media culture, politics and populism, as well as sustainability and gender issues. Born in the UK to a Swiss mother and a Swedish father, conceptualising European identities is also a personal focus of mine. Aside from referencing obscure pop culture moments, I love film, art and music events.

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