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María Belén Silva
(2020-2022 – Uppsala, Deusto)

Head of Social Media
“Hi! After getting by bachelor degree in International Relations, I decided to join the Euroculture journey with the aim of improving myself personally and professionally in a multicultural world, and getting first-hand knowledge on the foreign policy and democratic values of the EU. Coming from Venezuela, I feel the obligation of understanding and knowing how to apply these values in order to contribute to the development of my country. I am also interested in knowing how to improve Latin American integration and cooperation as a means to achieve greater progress in each nation. In my free time I love listening to music, dancing and painting. I consider myself a very creative person.”
Dorien Julia Rijkens
(2020-2022 – Groningen, Göttingen)

Coeditor in Chief

“After finishing my BA in English Literature and Linguistics with a minor in European culture, I joined Euroculture as I was curious to expand my knowledge outside the realm of literature. I am particularly interested in the impact that cultural heritage has on individuals and the creation of group identity, as well as in the implications it has on the legal and political European framework. In those scarce moments of free time besides studying, I love to explore museums, to meet new people, to cook and to read.”
Faikha’ Fairuz Firdausi
(2020-2022 – Uppsala, Krakow)
Social Media Coordinator
“Hello! Coming from a far away country, Indonesia, I have always known that I’m highly interested in European Studies. After finishing my Bachelor Degree in International Relations and a few years working as a research assistant, I decided to sharpen my knowledge by joining Euroculture. I have specific interests on contemporary issues in Europe such as integration, migration, Central-Eastern European Studies, and of course, culture! I would see myself as a snow lover who loves cooking, traveling, and meeting new people.”
Bryan T. Bayne
(2020 – 2022 – Olomouc, Uppsala)

Coeditor in Chief
“Howdy! I’m a Brazilian-American from Los Angeles and by now have fully embraced the expat identity. I joined Euroculture after my BA in History because I am fascinated by European history, politics, and identities. I am interested in how large organizations like the EU affect the behavior of nation-states and might foster cooperation and democracy. In my free time, I enjoy videogames, playing guitar, and ranking the best pizzerias in town.”
Laura de Boer
(2021-2023 – Uppsala)
Hi there! I’m Laura from the Netherlands. After finishing my Bachelor’s in European Languages and Cultures earlier this year I immediately continued my European journey with the Euroculture Master’s programme. I’m particularly interested in the political aspects of Europe, but seeing as everything is always interconnected, I’m more than happy to learn about all the different cultures, traditions, and identities that this continent has to offer. Luckily, Euroculture gives you enough opportunities to interact with those cultures first hand. Besides studying, I spent my time gaming, learning how to draw (badly), and going on the occasional jog to see some nature!
Angela Bösen
(2021-2023 – Strasbourg)
Social Media Coordinator
Hello everyone! The Euroculture Programme feels like an adventure to me – which I needed after spending one third of my Bachelor rather self-isolated! In Germany I graduated in Political and Social Studies and French. My thesis treated African-European relations, in particular the migration issue. Furthermore, I’m passionate about postcolonial studies as well as rights of women and children. Besides university, I enjoy good food, spend time journaling or going for a run.   
Pia Schwaiger
(2020-2022 – Groningen, Göttingen)
Social Media Coordinator
Hello everyone! Every few months I get ants in my pants and long for a new place to live and learn – that’s why I really enjoy being a Euroculture student and getting to travel! I previously studied linguistics and cultural studies and am interested in museum studies, cultural heritage and identity formation. When I’m not in the library, I listen to 60s/70s music, watch fashion shows and movies and dance the night away!
Lina Mansour
(2020-2022 – Olomouc, Göttingen)
“After completing a BA in Political Science, I went to work for different international organizations in the field of development and migration. A special interest in understanding the Euro-Mediterranean relations with regards to migration policy pushed me to purse the Euroculture MA to learn more about EU policies. The added multi-university factor was asset to collect different perspectives across the region. In my free time, I love to read, write, and go on lengthy walks.”
Laila Lange
(2021-2023 – Groningen)
Hallo! I am originally from a small town near Frankfurt but have lived in the Netherlands for two years already. I obtained my Bachelor in Public Governance across Borders at the University of Twente and since I was not able to leave this beautiful country just yet, I started Euroculture in Groningen. Besides being passionate about the study and politics, I enjoy doing sports, more specifically the fun sport of survivalrun. I can just recommend trying it out if you are ever in Groningen! In my spare time, I join social activities from the sports association and mostly travel within the Netherlands on the weekend.
Ana Benavides Otero
(2020-2022 – Göttingen, Strasbourg)
Social Media Coordinator
After finishing my BA in Modern Languages, Culture and Communication in Spain I was sure that I wanted to move abroad. I feel at home living in a multicultural environment and that is why Euroculture was the ideal MA for me. Coming from a cultural background I was curious about European politics and I was particularly interested in the field of Human Rights. I believe in the need of constructing a more inclusive, sustainable and solidary European Union. Therefore, I think this MA is helping me to acquire the necessary knowledge to adopt a critical perspective and try to act according to these values.  I consider myself an open-minded, creative person; I love music and I play the violin, I am currently into analogical photography and I am always down for meeting new people. 

Loura Kruger-Zwart
(2021-2023 – Groningen)
EditorI moved to Europe in 2017 from Australia and graduated in 2020 with a BA in European Languages & Cultures, specializing in literature and politics. I am passionate about issues of migration, identity, citizenship, and the complex situations that arise when living in such close proximities with other countries, languages and cultures. The Euroculture programme  offers a great opportunity to expand on my BA and specialise in my passions, as well as take advantage of the mobility to experience other European (academic) cultures – it is perfect for me! In my free time, I love to take photos, make (and drink) coffee, tend to my many houseplants and hang out with Kiwi, my overgrown kitten. 
Olga Nefeli
(2019-2022 – Strasbourg, Uppsala)
Social Media Coordinator
Kalimera! My name is Olga Nefeli, I’m Greek-Bavarian and happy to be joining the Euroculturer Social Media Team. After studying Psychology for my diploma, I decided to direct my interests towards educational policy and Euroculture fitted perfectly. I started off in Strasbourg and Uppsala and am currently doing my Research Track in the US.
I enjoy discovering cultures and their heritage, traditions and languages as well as doing yoga, dancing and singing.
Carolina Reyes Chávez
(2021-2023 – Uppsala, Olomouc)
Hola, hola! I’m Carolina from Mexico City, and not having been to Europe before, I’m very excited for all that the Euroculture experience represents!
During my bachelor’s degree in Sociology I always felt attracted to cultural and music studies. Now Euroculture is giving me the opportunity to expand my view on culture, and to rethink and question concepts I took for granted.
In my free time I really enjoy making music, working out and getting to know new places. Fika and meatballs are becoming my new addiction, so enjoy them a lot if you come to Uppsala!

Ana Mijatovic
(2021-2023 – Udine)
Social Media Coordinator
After some years of working in different fields like intercultural communication, non-formal education and youth work, I joined Euroculture as the programme touches upon many of my personal interests such as politics, populism, cultural heritage, human rights and the concept of identity. I feel most comfortable being in an intercultural environment so I enjoy learning from my fellow classmates from all over the world. In my free time, I am keen on travelling, yoga, reading and trying to play the ukulele.
Leonie Glaser
(2021-2023 – Uppsala)
Hi all! I completed my BSc in Politics, Psychology, Law & Economics in Amsterdam, was a full-time board member at a surfing society, and pursued an internship. These, among other experiences, like travel, created my deep interest to study politics, society and culture. However, I was looking for more than just an academic experience. I wanted to live in different countries and emerge myself in fascinating cultures. Hence, when Euroculture and I laid eyes on each other, it was love at first sight! I can combine my academic aspirations with what I love to do in my spare time – travel, meet new people and experience day (and night!) life in different countries. Except surfing – waaay too cold in Sweden 😉

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