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Hannah Bieber
(2019-2021 – Uppsala, Göttingen)
“I decided to embark on the Euroculture adventure after finishing my BA in Culture, History and Literature of the Anglophone World. As I wanted to learn more about European politics and international relations and to study abroad, this MA seemed like the perfect program for me. I have a passion for international relations, security and peace studies and Eastern-Asian cultures. In my free time, I love reading the news, writing and discovering music from all around the world.” 



Johanna Pieper
(2019-2021 – Göttingen, Groningen)
Editor – Blog section
“After finishing my BA in Translation studies, I joined Euroculture because I wanted to learn more about European politics and focus mainly on comparative regionalism. As a German-Peruvian, I am greatly interested in the development of Latin American regional organizations and their partnerships with the European Union. In my free time, I love to travel, eat pasta with pesto and my ultimate hobby is drinking lots of coffee while reading Latin American literature.”
Leyre Castro
(2019-2021 – Krakow, Göttingen)
Editor – Social Media manager

“Hey! I joined Euroculture after my BA in International Relations. It is said that Krakow is a trap, and I can confirm it: after spending a year there I knew that I needed to go back and to keep on learning about Central and Eastern Europe, so this programme seemed perfect for me. I love learning about history and politics and I am especially interested in anything related to Eastern Europe, from music to architecture and politics. I can spend hours watching videos about anything related to these topics. I also love reading fiction and discovering new music.”
Felix Lengers
(2020-2022 – Groningen, Bilbao)
Editor – Blog section

“Before joining Euroculture, I did a BA in European studies, specializing in European History and of course, participating in an exchange. Here I learned that being in an international environment gives me tons of energy and that learning about different cultures and meeting new people are two of my major passions. Thus, when I found out about Euroculture, this seemed like a perfect match! I have always found Latin America very intriguing, but through travelling I have also developed a love for Eastern Europe. Besides travelling, in my free time I love to read, cook, watch movies, listen to music and go for a drink with friends.”
Katarina Jarc
(2020-2022 – Groningen, Göttingen)

“After obtaining a BA and a M.Edu. in French and English and a year in the labour market, I decided to further broaden my horizons within the field of European studies. The Euroculture programme immediately seemed like a great fit due to its interdisciplinary character, combining several fields I am greatly interested in. I enjoy exploring contemporary social issues in the European space, current political developments and EU’s external relations. Hobbies that recharge my batteries include cycling, hiking, jogging and, most of all, travelling.”
María Belén Silva
(2020-2022 – Uppsala, Deusto)

“Hi! After getting by bachelor degree in International Relations, I decided to join the Euroculture journey with the aim of improving myself personally and professionally in a multicultural world, and getting first-hand knowledge on the foreign policy and democratic values of the EU. Coming from Venezuela, I feel the obligation of understanding and knowing how to apply these values in order to contribute to the development of my country. I am also interested in knowing how to improve Latin American integration and cooperation as a means to achieve greater progress in each nation. In my free time I love listening to music, dancing and painting. I consider myself a very creative person.”
Paola Gosio
(2019-2021 – Bilbao, Groningen)

“I have joined Euroculture after my BA in Politics and Economics since I wanted to discover more about a third dimension of our societies: culture. I am especially interested in the way cultures intermix and how digital communication can be positively employed to raise a conscious European population on EU themes. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, chill with some indie music, and organize an ‘aperitivo’ with spritz and chips with my friends!”
Bryan T. Bayne
(2020 – 2022 – Olomouc, Uppsala)

“Howdy! I’m a Brazilian-American from Los Angeles and by now have fully embraced the expat identity. I joined Euroculture after my BA in History because I am fascinated by European history, politics, and identities. I am interested in how large organizations like the EU affect the behavior of nation-states and might foster cooperation and democracy. In my free time, I enjoy videogames, playing guitar, and ranking the best pizzerias in town.”

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