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Do you plan to visit or move for a longer period to Belgium, maybe for an internship in Brussels? If yes, then continue reading, I have a great tip for all lovers of culture, art or history as there is a great way to visit many Belgian cultural institutions and save a lot of money while doing so! The answer is the Museum PASS Musées.

In Focus: A guide to Pune by Euroculture students

As part of their assessment of the research track at the University Pune, Anna and Nora wrote a guide for Pune. The guide includes practical information on India and Pune, and focuses on the lifestyle aspect during the third semester, rather than on the university and research track. Have a look at the guide if you want to find out more about, among others, the administrative procedure, the housing, transport, or culture in Pune.

In Focus: A guide to Pune by a Euroculture staff member

This 'Guide to Pune' is written by Marcella Zandonai (assistant coordinator at Göttingen University)and is available to all students! It is of special interest to those who will be attending the research track at SPPU in their third semester. It includes a range of general information on Pune, as well as practical information and recommendations. The guide is self-explanatory, so have a look and discover what this Euroculture staff member had to say after a stay in Pune!

In Focus: IP – The IP Paper: From beginning to end

There may be many questions emerging in your mind when thinking about the Intensive Programme (IP). Where does it take place? What is the IP paper? What does such an intensive week look like? To answer these questions, Euroculturer’s “In Focus: IP” series provides information about this special week, shares the experiences of former Euroculture students and gives tips regarding the preparation of the IP paper, all to show you that there is nothing to worry about! In this article, three Euroculture students from the 2021-2023 cohort share their experiences. Ennio, Raphael and Laila take you through how they came up with their IP paper topics, how they experienced the paper writing process during the second semester, and conclude with the advice they give to anyone starting the second semester and whether they still work on their IP paper topic. Have a read through and you may find some inspiration for your own IP paper!

How to explain the value of Euroculture in a job interview: Guide to use an interdisciplinary program effectively

As an interdisciplinary programme, Euroculture opens its graduates a wide field of possible job opportunities. On the other side, some view that the interdisciplinary nature lacks a clear focus in the programme. The students learn “all and nothing”. The interdisciplinary nature of Euroculture can be a clear asset in a job interview. You just need to know how to sell your education!

Euroculture: Third Semester in UNAM-Mexico City

Are you considering doing the third-country research track but haven't made up your mind? You shouldn’t hesitate. Studying at a non-European university will boost your CV while allowing you to be critical and analyze the Eurocentric perspective we usually keep in the Old Continent. Marta Urbaneja and Carolina Reyes talk about the research track at UNAM, and give all the tips to explore and enjoy the stay in the astonishing Mexico City to the fullest!

In Focus: IP || Introduction to the Euroculture Intensive Programme

The article introduces the reader to IP week and includes essential information that all first-year Euroculture students need to know, including the purpose of the IP, its content, or preparation of the IP paper. The text also in details describing the IP week of 2022 and includes several images so the reader gets the idea of what the IP looks like and what to expect.