In Focus: A guide to Pune by Euroculture students

As part of their assessment of the research track at the University Pune, Anna and Nora wrote a guide for Pune. The guide includes practical information on India and Pune, and focuses on the lifestyle aspect during the third semester, rather than on the university and research track. Have a look at the guide if you want to find out more about, among others, the administrative procedure, the housing, transport, or culture in Pune.

In Focus: A guide to Pune by a Euroculture staff member

This 'Guide to Pune' is written by Marcella Zandonai (assistant coordinator at Göttingen University)and is available to all students! It is of special interest to those who will be attending the research track at SPPU in their third semester. It includes a range of general information on Pune, as well as practical information and recommendations. The guide is self-explanatory, so have a look and discover what this Euroculture staff member had to say after a stay in Pune!