Europe’s response to Belarus after a year of protest and repression

Ever since Alexander Lukashenka rigged the results of the Belarusian elections in 2020, his country has been mired in turmoil. The state has doggedly persecuted activists and protestors and increasingly committed grotesque Human Rights abuses. These actions have led to harsh condemnation from Western powers and some action, chiefly imposing sanctions against leading figures in Minsk. But to what degree have powers such as the European Union (EU) confronted Lukashenka’s regime? 

Citizenship and the Democratic Deficit of the European Union

Although the European Union (EU) is now based “on the principles of democracy and the rule of law,” some scholars consider that democracy was not acknowledged at the beginning of the integration. This has caused the disconnection between European citizens and the EU, and led to questions on the democratic nature of the integration. Thereby, according to EUR-Lex, the phrase “democratic deficit of the EU” is now being used to indicate that European “institutions and their decision-making procedures (…) seem inaccessible to the ordinary citizen due to their complexity.”

The Goya Awards overshadowed by sexist comments

At the occasion of the International Women's Day, Leyre Castro reflects on the recent scandal prompted by sexist comments during Spain's annual film awards, the Goya Awards. "These comments are a reflection of the society we live in, in which women’s bodies seem to be a topic that can be discussed by everyone and anyone and this just makes it more obvious that there still is a long way to go through when it comes to women’s rights."

#StandWithBelarus: Looking back at six months of protests

Supporting the Belarusian people on the Day of Solidarity with Belarus, in our newest article, Hannah Bieber, editor-in-chief and Leyre Castro, editor at the Euroculturer Magazine have gone through the development of the events in Belarus since early August 2020, the constant human rights abuse and the international response to them. #StandWithBelarus