Why are French people striking (again)?

Nowadays, strikes in France are all over European and International discourses: it is present in the news and has become a common meme on some social media. However, whether it is through discussions I had with Euroculture students or by reading the news, I observed a massive gap between what is happening and how it is portrayed. Contrary to what is being said, people are not only angry because they will have to work more. There is indeed a special relationship between France and protests which is historically and politically rooted. The strike is the main mode of action for French people. And what is happening now goes beyond a refusal to work. It is about protecting social rights and maintaining discourses between a Republic and its citizens in a democratic country. This article will provide a historical overview of the evolution of the Right to Strike in France before diving into the current French turmoil.

City Lifestyle: How to live a sustainable lifestyle in Strasbourg

Do you want to have a more sustainable lifestyle during your semester in Strasbourg? Check out this article, in which Clara Weber gives an overview of a range of possibilities to do something good for the environment and save money. Clara writes not only about sustainable ways of transportation, but also shares her favourite places to buy organic and local food and tells you the best secret places to find second hand clothes or furniture. Don’t miss out on that option!

What’s in Strasbourg? ARTE, The European Cultural TV

Oier Lobera, Adithya Pillai, Sabrina de Vivo, Carolina Froelich and María de las Cuevas This year is the 20th anniversary of the Franco-German, European Cultural television-channel ARTE, renowned for its pioneering work in intercultural broadcasting and in its aim of creating a ‘European’ TV channel. Therefore, our project for Eurocompetence II, a course module in the … Continue reading What’s in Strasbourg? ARTE, The European Cultural TV

Marseille-Provence 2013: A dive into the Mediterranean

Marseille, a lively multicultural city and ancient Greek port, still continues to live from the sea. Walking from the Gare St. Charles, you can already feel it: the sound of people out in the streets and the view and smell of the sea… Marseille-Provence 2013 has extensively worked on this dimension to make its programme’s … Continue reading Marseille-Provence 2013: A dive into the Mediterranean

Strasbourg: Pas Seulement Capitale Européenne!

Bianca Rubino | biancarubino@gmail.com The European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, the city of tartes flambées and of storks. These are the most popular visions associated with the city of Strasbourg. But actually the city, whose Pont de l’Europe connects France and Germany, besides being a “European Capital” due to … Continue reading Strasbourg: Pas Seulement Capitale Européenne!