Second round of the Second Edition of The Euroculturer

Because we relate

3 January 2013

Do we love or hate Europe? Well, don’t know yet but here are some Euroculturers who decided to love or hate Europe the hard way.

On a rainy day, Rashid laments the loss of his political and platonic love for the EU. Talking to the old and the young only induces fear and frustration. What happened to the European dream? Mario, from Northern Spain, is more optimistic. As a member of the Erasmus generation, he believes in the inherent strength of Europe which runs through the veins of young people. If the old could do, why can’t the young? A piece of news puts Penelope in a time-travel and takes her back to when she was truly happy, loving life and friends, crying, but growing up. So where does she live now after all those years of heartache? Still, between hi and bye. Coming from America and moving to Europe after living in South America for a long time, Mary finds something very weird about Europe. Shouldn’t this place, blessed with better life conditions for more people as it is, do better? She asks this while pointing out the idiosyncrasies she witnessed while adjusting to living in Europe. How blatant can her criticism be? To make Europeans feel better after the hard slap in the face, Heather suggests you watch a hokey pokey dance of Britain, Scotland, and the EU. Will it work?

Too many hot potatoes for a magazine. But again, is it love or hate? Probably, love.

Eunjin Jeong, Editor-in-chief

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