By Laura Bonjean

Udine, Udine, Udine. Coming to this small city located in north-eastern Italy, in the middle of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, will make you feel like you are experiencing the authentic Italian lifestyle as you witness terraces filling up by 5pm for the aperitivo, while seeing painters in the streets and the surrounding mountains. Despite the town being ideally situated between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps, the cold and gloomy weather might make you seek for the warmth of nice and cosy places. Indeed, although the streets and the centre of the city match with what one can imagine an Italian town to look like, its weather might make you think you just arrived in Normandy… And, being off the touristic path, it can be a struggle to find a spot where you’re surrounded by locals while enjoying the occasional mingle with international and Italian students.

Instead of wandering in the streets looking for shelter, the following piece provides an overview of the Euroculture students of the 2022-2024 cohort’s favourite places to face the cold and rainy weather while waiting for summer to come! This is the second of three pieces which provides information over the Euroculture city Udine. The first section is all about food. This second section is all about how to spend your time in Udine, in the moments you are not filling your stomach, and the third piece shares practical information on Udine. So enough with food and practical information, the study and travel places are in the focus now!

Places to study like a local

Of course, studying is part of every Euroculture student’s life, and to know where you can properly study is already the first step to a successful semester.

  • Looking to have a chill study session with your friends? Caffè Hausbrandt is the perfect place for you! This authentic coffee shop located on the main square of Udine appeared on every Euroculture student’s mind when thinking about a place to meet for a study session. You can have a big table, and you can charge your laptop there, surrounded by students, tourists and people enjoying their coffee, relaxing to the sound of the coffee machine.
    • Euroculture favourites: their ginseng coffee and cappuccino are amazing company when studying European Law, focusing on the IP or preparing your Master Thesis
    • Address: Via Delle Erbe, 9, 33100 Udine UD
  • Want to focus a bit more on your studies? Then the Library of Palazzo Antonini is the place to be. Just around the university corner there is this huge library where you can have some quiet study time with the occasional coffee break.

What to in Udine and its region

Although Udine might not be the most intensive city, it is easy to keep you occupied and distracted during the semester, whether you want to discover something new or procrastinate some deadlines (just in case…).

In Udine

  • The castle and its hill is a place I would highly recommend. Going on top of its hill you can have an amazing view of the city, and when it is sunny (it happens!), you can either picnic in the grass bathed in sunlight, or you can put yourself under its colonnades to work in the fresh air. It is also really enjoyable to walk around the castle as you will be surrounded by nature.
View from the castle

The castle also sometimes organises parties. We went to their Halloween party, and it was such a unique party as you would be able to watch all the city by night!

  • There is a nice Contemporary Art museum that you can go too, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary House Cavazzini
  • Lastly, when looking for a place to bathe in the sun, or watch the sunset in a peaceful environment,  the Park Moretti is the perfect place to do so. Indeed, as the sun was not the most reliable classmate of this winter, whenever it would show its face, this park would be the best place to enjoy it, either with a book on the grass or running around its trees.

Outside Udine

Being in Udine, you will be able to travel a lot without spending too much money. Some really nice destinations are Venice, Bologna, Firenze, Roma, Verona, Ljubljana, Bled, Trieste!

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