The Euroculturer Poll My Erasmus Mundus Life”

Thank you very much for your answer! We wish you the best with your (Post) Erasmus Mundus life!  

The result of the poll will be collected and delivered during the General Assembly of Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association (EMA) which will take place on 14-15 June 2013 in Barcelona. The EMA General Assembly (GA) will gather Programme Representatives from over 150 Erasmus Mundus Masters and Doctorate Programmes to enhance the quality of your Erasmus Mundus student lives. If you have any other concerns about your Erasmus Mundus life that have not been covered by this poll, feel free to contact Eunjin Jeong, 2013-2014 Programme Representative of MA Euroculture via For more information about Erasmus Mundus student and alumni Association, visit here and also find it on Facebook

2 thoughts on “Would you choose Erasmus Mundus Master’s Programme again if you could rewind time?

  1. Unfortunately I do not think the first poll will yield very accurate or helpful answers as states far more often than not offer very different services to students. In France, for instance, obtaining student accommodation is both simple AND sponsored by the government, while some cities in the Netherlands experience housing shortages AND tenants receive no support towards paying their rent from the government. In other words, questioning students about the challenges they faced when considering that they studied in different states offering different degrees of comfort to students makes it impossible to generate a “general” opinion on these matters.

    For instance, I studied both in France and the Netherlands. In France, I received somewhat less support and experienced difficulties communicating with the academic staff (but not the consortium), while this was absolutely not the case in the Netherlands. On the other hand, finding housing in France was a walk in the park, while it took me two months to finally settle down in the Netherlands. Along that same line, workloads vary considerably depending on the system (as not all the universities have the same requirements, resources, and tolerance levels). So ultimately I do not think these questions can be posed at an international level (i.e. “The Euroculture programme” vs “The Euroculture programme… in each university”).

    I believe it would be a better idea to restrict these polls to each specific country while waiting for a homogeneous European system to be put into place (that was of course ironic).

    1. Dear S.V.
      Thanks a lot for your opinion. I largely agree on your suggestion on country specific approach even though I do not think getting housing in France is walk in the park – especially when you have language problem and more severe bureaucracy here. Also, country specific poll has reliability issue as well because what an individual experience in the country differs from one’s background and how familiar that person is with the languages and culture. For example, if you had a friend in the Netherlands who could help you through the process, it wouldn’t have been that difficult for you while in France, if you have a personality that cannot put up with noise from next door or common kitchen and bathroom, it would have been extremely difficult for you to find good accommodation in private market, especially if you don’t speak French and know no one here. Also, I do not think getting general opinion on the challenges of Erasmus Mundus life is not helpful as looking at forest is as important as looking at trees. If generalizing is not helpful, the whole idea of the EU or categorizing countries into continents would be futile.

      Still, I agree that institutional system or norms in each country can largely influential and specific polls might yield into necessary solutions. But again, you should also study forest before studying trees. Maybe the disagreement will be solved if I later come up with more specific polls on each Euroculture university based on the short-listed challenges we found here.

      Thanks again for your comment!

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