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Current Euroculture students/Euroculture alumni;

Exchange students who attended Euroculture courses for at least one semester;

Coordinators/teachers from any of the 12 Euroculture universities;

Humanities & Social Science major Master’s or PhD Students from EMA Community

General information

Contribution is on an all-year basis

Length of an article: 600 – 1000 words

Are you ready to meet our section editors and decide which section to contribute?

contact for general inquiries


If the words ‘New’ and ‘Change’ make your heart beat faster

Trend Editor: George Tsarsitalidis

Do you follow something? Do you relate to things that change constantly? Do you think that TREND is one of the most important things in our contemporary societies? Just join the experience of writing about trends that you follow or things that you consider that we, as a group, follow or become more acquainted with thesedays. The social, cultural, or even down-to-earth everyday trends not to mention fast-changing technology trends define ourselves who either follow or don’t follow them. Get ready to observe and acknowledge how life is shaped by the trend, both consciously and unconsciously.

Contact : (make sure to include “Trend” in the email title)

Trend Section is a NEW section of The Euroculturer


If you have laser-eyes and three ears

People’s Editor: Albert Meijer

Do you have a superpower when it comes to doing interviews? Do your laser-eyes detect the freshest scoops? Do you have nerves of steel and an intellect to match? Do you like to talk? And more importantly: do you like to listen? Then put on your tights and cape, gather your courage and start writing! As a contributor for the People’s section of The Euroculturer, you talk to the Euroculture student body, conduct interviews with interesting people and use your social superpowers to write the most interesting articles about Europe’s future leaders, thinkers and teachers: the Euroculture students! Is it a bird? No! Is it a plane? HELL NO! It’s a Euroculturer contributor to the People’s section!

Contact : (make sure to include “People” in the email title)

Click the image below to read Albert’s article

albert bigger pf


If you are a serious-minded Euroculturer with personal insights on European news

News Editor: Penelope Vaxevanes

Have you ever heard something in the news and thought: “Wait, that affects me personally and I want to share my opinion” or even “This is not what they think it is. The reality is very different”? If you have this nagging feeling to educate people or make your opinion known then The Euroculturer News section is the perfect place for you. In the News section of The Euroculturer, you can write about current European news through the Euroculture perspective. We use our experiences abroad to show how they have effected our perceptions of Europe and the world. Contribute to the News section and share your unique Euroculture perspective.

Contact : (make sure to include “News” in the email title)

Click the image below to read Penelope’s article

Penelope Erasmus1


If tears run down your face whenever you meet deliciousness

Food Editor: Edith Salminen

Does your heart beat for food? Is deliciousness your passion? Most of all, do you want to write about it? If your answer to these questions is “yes” then don’t wait until tomorrow to contact The Euroculturer’s Food section. We are looking for people who love food unconditionally – if that’s you then start typing an email to us now. Share your stories and ideas with Europe and the rest of the world. Food is love.

Contact : (make sure to include “Food” in the email title)

Click the image below to read Edith’s article



If you live and breathe literature

Literature Editor: ATKA ATUN

We live in times when opera aperta is not only one of Eco’s inventions of the past. We’ve agreed upon the notion that each and every one of reader’s interpretations makes one book or one short story the multiple ones. Literature is about untangling human’s deepest thoughts and fears. Every in-depth interpretation helps us grow. In the Literature section of The Euroculturer, we support the notion that ‘two heads are better than one’. No one has ever grown up on their own. If you can use literature as a tool to help us develop, make us laugh or touch upon the unknown, join us and let us hear your voice.

Contact : (make sure to include “Literature” in the email title)

Click the image below to read ATKA’s article



 If your mind has constantly been looking for ways to share cultural vitamin C with others

Exhibition Editor: Bianca Rubino

Hey! The winter has come and it’s getting cold in Europe and we need our vitamins. The Exhibition section is currently in need of Euroculturers from all over the world rich in vitamin C: Curiosity, Creativity and Critics! We warmly invite you to SHARE your experience about past cultural events, your suggestions about upcoming events and, more in general, your comments about cultural life (exhibitions, concerts, etc.) in Europe and the wider world. Be Curious! Be Creative! Be Critical! And most importantly, Be(come) a Contributor!

Contact : (make sure to include “Exhibition” in the email title)

Click the image below to read Bianca’s article



If your best friend ever told you that you’re a bit on the creative side

Creative Editor: Helen Hoffmann

Talk to those who have something to say. Write about love just as enthusiastically as about kitchen appliances. Show authentic life. Yes, that’s what we’ll do as contributors to the Creative section. As a contributor to the Creative section, you get to release your inner child: whatever it is that warms your heart, inspires your spirit and lets your eyes glow with excitement – it can become part of The Euroculturer in the Creative section. How and where is up to you since finding new ideas and ways to tackle a topic is part of the job. With a curious mind and a communicative attitude I am sure you’d make a great addition to the page – so seize the opportunity!

Contact : (make sure to include “Creative” in the email title)

Click the image below to read Helen’s article

miss help medium size


If you want to put yourself forward as a member of Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief : Eunjin Jeong

Contact : &

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