There are some problems we all encounter regularly as Euroculture students. When Wikipedia doesn’t tell you the answer, when your coordinator just shrugs and your friends know no remedy, ask Miss or Mr Help. If you have a question for them, send it to to get rid of your problem!

Dear Miss Help,

I am a Euroculture student in my second year. Up until now, I moved three times, not to mention the short trip to the IP conference in the University of Deusto. Every time I start packing, I go crazy. I have so much stuff and I need it all! What am I going to do without my flippers when I live so close to the beach in Bilbao? And how am I supposed to survive the Polish winter without the fifteen very warm and nice sweaters my grandma knitted for me? My internship employer wants me to dress decent so I need to pack my suits as well, not to mention the fancy ball gown I was planning to take for the IP gala dinner!

Please help me, I dread the next packing day and I know my fellow Euroculture students have the same problem because I read “I hate packing!” on Facebook all the time!

Sincerely, Desperate European Nomad

Dear Desperate European Nomad,

Yes, in most situations packing can be a distress, especially when today’s airlines (and we all know which specific one I mean) charge a fortune for even an extra kilo. I will teach you how to master the technique of travelling lightly. The trick (and it actually is no news) is to know what is necessary for your stay in whichever country you travel to, but most importantly you need to be realistic and be harsh on yourself.

I suggest that you start off with piling everything you think you need to bring on the bed. It could help if you make a list of things and then slowly go through the list several times, each time deducting two or three items. Really, there’s no need to bring your whole make-up bag or all of your chargers for laptops, iPods, mobile phones, etc. for a three-day-visit to your friend’s place in France. Instead, check if your friend has chargers that you can borrow, or leave your laptop behind because there are probably internet cafés over there and if you have a smartphone you probably have all of these functions in one. When it comes to make-up, only bring the basics (or if you dare: go au naturel).

However, the biggest issue seems to be that people always pack too much clothes and pairs of shoes. As you start to learn how to pack lightly, think back on the trips when you brought too much, and try to remember what you often packed yet never used and promised NEVER to pack again.

The trick here is to try to learn how to combine the smallest amount of garments with one pair of shoes and not bring half your closet.

A smart way to pack is also to think layers! Layers allow you to combine and also make sure that you stay warm when it gets cold in Krakow or stay cool if the weather is hot in Bilbao.

When you move for a longer stay, leave books and dictionaries behind (you always have access to online dictionaries, Google books, not to mention libraries). I bet there is a book shop if you desperately want books on your shelf. Also, you will receive a lot of course materials during the semester. For those who crave feeling at home in their new homes: IKEA exists worldwide!

If you think Miss Help was very helpful, also read MISS HELP…Long-distance relationships!

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