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The online magazine written by and for Euroculture students is always looking for contributions. We are an open platform where all Euroculture students can share their ideas and publish their articles. You can contribute by either answering one of our call for articles, or by pitching an idea for an article. Although most articles are written by Euroculture students, we do on occasion accept submissions from non-students, so do not be afraid to reach out and pitch your idea!

Every semester we hold at least one call for articles. We propose a number of relevant topics and ask thought-provoking questions meant to help you write insightful articles for publications. But these should be considered suggestions, rather than mandatory requirements.

If you have a brilliant idea, even if it is not related to the topics of our call for articles, please send us a pitch! We are always open to spontaneous submissions. To send us a spontaneous pitch, send us an email with the two or three main arguments as well as a one-paragraph explanation of what you want to write about and why is it important. If you wish, you may also send us a draft of your article, but that is not necessary.

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General requirements for articles: between 600 and 2000 words, in British or American English, and citing at least 5-6 different and reliable sources (academic, journalistic, institutional, etc.).

If you have any complaints or constructive feedback regarding the website in general, its design, or a specific article, please follow the same link as above.