Social Media Team

Our Social Media team is responsible for our Social Media and general communication with students and alumni. We create social media content and design the art for it, organize events, and lead several projects, such as the weekly news recap on our Instagram, or the Student Ambassadors program. We work closely together with the Editorial team to provide the best quality content to our readers. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. If you are a current Euroculture student, you may also join our team when we open up applications at the beginning of each semester.

Maria Belén Silva

Head of Social Media
2020-2022 – Uppsala, Deusto

Hi! After getting by bachelor degree in International Relations, I decided to join the Euroculture journey with the aim of improving myself personally and professionally in a multicultural world, and getting first-hand knowledge on the foreign policy and democratic values of the EU. Coming from Venezuela, I feel the obligation of understanding and knowing how to apply these values in order to contribute to the development of my country. I am also interested in knowing how to improve Latin American integration and cooperation as a means to achieve greater progress in each nation. In my free time I love listening to music, dancing and painting. I consider myself a very creative person.

Olga Nefeli

Social Media Coordinator
2019-2022 – Strasbourg, Uppsala

Kalimera! My name is Olga Nefeli, I’m Greek-Bavarian and happy to be joining the Euroculturer Social Media Team. After studying Psychology for my diploma, I decided to direct my interests towards educational policy and Euroculture fitted perfectly. I started off in Strasbourg and Uppsala and am currently doing my Research Track in the US.
I enjoy discovering cultures and their heritage, traditions and languages as well as doing yoga, dancing and singing.

Pia Schwaiger

Social Media Coordinator 2020-2022 – Groningen, Göttingen

Hello everyone! Every few months I get ants in my pants and long for a new place to live and learn – that’s why I really enjoy being a Euroculture student and getting to travel! I previously studied linguistics and cultural studies and am interested in museum studies, cultural heritage and identity formation. When I’m not in the library, I listen to 60s/70s music, watch fashion shows and movies and dance the night away!

Angela Bösen

Social Media Coordinator
2021-2023 – Strasbourg, Uppsala

Hello everyone! The Euroculture Programme feels like an adventure to me – which I needed after spending one third of my Bachelor rather self-isolated! In Germany I graduated in Political and Social Studies and French. My thesis treated African-European relations, in particular the migration issue. Furthermore, I’m passionate about postcolonial studies as well as rights of women and children. Besides university, I enjoy good food, spend time journaling or going for a run.   

Ana Benavides Otero

Social Media Coordinator
2020-2022 – Göttingen, Strasbourg

After finishing my BA in Modern Languages, Culture and Communication in Spain I was sure that I wanted to move abroad. I feel at home living in a multicultural environment and that is why Euroculture was the ideal MA for me. Coming from a cultural background I was curious about European politics and I was particularly interested in the field of Human Rights. I believe in the need of constructing a more inclusive, sustainable and solidary European Union. Therefore, I think this MA is helping me to acquire the necessary knowledge to adopt a critical perspective and try to act according to these values.  I consider myself an open-minded, creative person; I love music and I play the violin, I am currently into analogical photography and I am always down for meeting new people. 

Ana Mijatovic

Social Media Coordinator
2021-2023 – Udine
, Bilbao

After some years of working in different fields like intercultural communication, non-formal education and youth work, I joined Euroculture as the programme touches upon many of my personal interests such as politics, populism, cultural heritage, human rights and the concept of identity. I feel most comfortable being in an intercultural environment so I enjoy learning from my fellow classmates from all over the world. In my free time, I am keen on travelling, yoga, reading and trying to play the ukulele.

Chiara Baldin

Social Media Coordinator
2021-2023 – Groningen, Bilbao

Ciao! I am Chiara form Italy and I love traveling and capturing memories! I got my Bachelor degree in Political, Social and International Science at the University of  Bologna in Italy, and after attending the last six months of my Bachelor in Cordoba, Spain thanks to Erasmus+ program, I knew I wanted to find a master program where I could have combined study and travel! For this reason, I started the Euroculture program last semester in Groningen and, currently in Bilabo, to be able to continue to deepen my knowledge in International Relations and at the same time moving around discovering new cultures and meeting new amazing people!

Pauline Blache

Social Media Coordinator
2021-2023 – Göttingen
, Uppsala

Hejj everyone! I am Pauline from South of France and currently finishing my second semester in Uppsala, Sweden. Fond of History, and more particularly of cultural exchanges between France and its neighbours, I decided to join the Euroculture adventure in October 2021. After finishing my two bachelor’s in History and English under the (very strict) French lockdown in 2020, I needed some fresh air and to discover new horizons. 

I am very excited to join this international group and continue to enlarge the Euroculturer network 🙂