The MA Euroculture programme is an Erasmus Mundus, multi-university, multi-disciplinary, two-year Master’s degree focused on the study of modern European culture and society in the context of European integration. We work in particular on the questions of identity, values, and heritage that play such a vital role in today’s debates and decisions about Europe and its place in the world.

In the Euroculture program students develop a multi-disciplinary set of tools with which to understand and contribute to this debate, through a program of study that balances lectures with discussions, teaching with research, and theory with practice. Moreover, all students in the program conduct their studies in at least two European countries, by spending at least one semester in at least two of the European universities in the Euroculture consortium.

Euroculture graduates have gone on to careers in cultural management, government, research, journalism, international business, and the European-wide civil service; as well as to PhD level study in many fields of the humanities and social sciences. Courses are conducted in English, with students from across Europe and around the world.

Recognised by the European Commission as an Erasmus Mundus programme of Excellence, the Euroculture programme stands out from many other European Studies programmes for its inter-disciplinary character, its emphasis on practical as well as theoretical preparation, and for its built-in opportunities for trans-European exchange. Altogether, the Euroculture programme offers great opportunities for students interested in understanding and helping to shape the future of Europe’s on-going experiment with trans-national integration.

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