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The Euroculturer is a magazine run by students of the Euroculture program, but anyone with an interest in European culture, society, or politics is welcome to contribute.

If you have a brilliant idea for an article or want to put yourself forward as one of the editors, copy-editors, or correspondents, please contact us via email.
General requirements for articles: between 600 and 2000 words, in British or American English, and citing at least 5-6 different and reliable sources (academic, journalistic, institutional, etc.).

If you have any complaints or constructive feedback regarding the website in general, its design, or a specific article, please follow the same link as above.

For comments on specific articles, we encourage our readers to comment directly under the articles.
We do our best to moderate the comments in a timely manner. Our moderation policy is as follows: we will delete any comment that contains abusive, unlawful, and/or offensive content. This includes comments not respecting other people’s rights and freedom. Please note that freedom of speech does not mean freedom to insult others. Thank you for your understanding!

You may also contact us for general enquiries at