Call for articles: CLOSED

Our call for articles is currently CLOSED. We have kept our last call for articles below so that you may use it as a reference for the future. We typically open a new call for articles one or two months after the semester start.

Find below the list of topics on which we would like to have your perspective as Euroculture students. These are broad topics designed to inspire you. You do not need to answer all the questions in the description, these are designed to give you ideas about the topics – you are completely free to interpret them as you like. 

Something to keep in mind: if you’d like to regularly speak your mind on European and global issues, or adapt your best university essays for publication, why not join the Euroculturer team?


Deadline: April 15th, 2022

Length: between 800 and 1800 words 

Sources: at least 6 reliable sources. Please use hyperlinks, not footnotes!


1. The post-lockdown Zeitgeist. As Europe emerges from two years of intermittent lockdowns, some pundits swear that “everything has changed” and the world will never be the same, while others believe that a return to normalcy means a return to a pre-covid era. What do you see as the main cultural trends in Europe in the next few years? What trends are already visible now?

2. The energy transition. Oil and gas prices have been skyrocketing for months as the world economy recovers from its pandemic-induced slump. Now, the war in Ukraine brings further disruption to energy markets around the globe. What is the state of the energy transition in this new world? Has the European Green Deal died with the war, or has it been strengthened? What is the role for fossil, nuclear, and renewable energy in Europe in the coming years?

3. Publishing adapted assignments. Being able to communicate academic research in plain English for a wider audience is an essential skill for those who want to work at think tanks or policy institutes. Therefore, we encourage you to adapt one of their university assignments for general publication. To do so, reduce the article size to fit out length requirements, simplify the language by getting rid of excessive academic jargon, and adapt sources to hyperlinks instead of footnotes. If you choose to submit a previous assignment, please also let us know what were the original paper requirements, and for what class you wrote it.

If you have an idea for an article on any other topic, send us a pitch! Write approximately 100 words about your intended topic and why it’s relevant, and we’ll get right back to you.