City Lifestyle: Krakow

The article features the second largest city of Poland - the vibrant and beautiful Krakow. The author describes the city and its lifestyle in 5 reasons explaining why Euroculture students should choose this city as their future living location. Such reasons include interesting facts about Krakow as well as tips and suggestions that Euroculure students and other visitors will surely appreciate.

Why Urban Planning is Awesome! (and Why We Should Get Rid of Cars)

By Laura de Boer What makes a city great to live in? Is it the size? The people? Or the number of pubs, clubs, and bars there are for partying? While these things are undoubtedly important, they are not what makes a city truly stand out. Surprisingly, what really turns a place to live into … Continue reading Why Urban Planning is Awesome! (and Why We Should Get Rid of Cars)

SOSJobs! Alumni4Students: Francesca Brandi (2015-2017)

Francesca Brandi is an Italian alumni from Euroculture who studied in Göttingen for her first semester and Deusto for her second one. For her third semester, she undertook a research track in Mexico city. Francesca shares with us her Euroculture experience and briefs us on what her life has been like since she graduated, what opportunities she found, which cities she lived in, and what her next steps will be.