From Hiroshima to Ukraine: A nuclear threat VS paper cranes

As part of the semester in Japan, we visited Hiroshima. Although a lively city of 1,2 million inhabitants, Hiroshima is also a city that saw its heart torn out in World War II. Aside from the countless deaths and the destruction of the city, the bombing of Hiroshima had long-lasting consequences for its survivors – and that is exactly why we need to talk about Hiroshima now.

Communicating solidarity in trying times: La radio per l’Italia

In these trying times, many are the initiatives through which Italians have tried and reinvented togetherness, in order to cope with the disruption of our daily routines and social life – from “balcony flash mobs” to live Instagram “concerts from home” and free access to a variety of digital services and products (streaming platforms, ebooks, etc.). It is in this spontaneous framework of grassroots and top-down solidarities that La radio per l’Italia places itself, also as an unprecedented event in the (Italian) history of communication.

1989-2019: “You will be the generation to suffer the consequences of these changes.”

For Czechs and Slovaks, the Velvet Revolution cannot be reduced to just one demonstration, one election, and one painful breakup. Here is the perspective of three Czechs, born Czechoslovaks, on the events of November 1989 and the lessons we should all learn from this period.