In Focus: 3rd Semester || Internship at the Institute for Minority Rights

Interview by Laura de Boer Katherine Arena (2020-2022) has done her Bachelor in European Languages and Cultures at the University of Groningen, where she majored in European Politics and Society. Her first Semester of Euroculture was spent in Groningen and her second in Udine. She is currently doing her internship at the Institute for Minority … Continue reading In Focus: 3rd Semester || Internship at the Institute for Minority Rights

European Capitals of Culture: More than just a title?

During the last 3 decades, more than 60 cities across Europe have been awarded the European Capital of Culture (ECoC) title. This means for each designated city, in the most general terms, to set up a massive cultural and artistic event during a whole year. However, despite the scale of the events, ECoC remains a fuzzy concept to Europeans. So, what does it mean?

Communicating solidarity in trying times: La radio per l’Italia

In these trying times, many are the initiatives through which Italians have tried and reinvented togetherness, in order to cope with the disruption of our daily routines and social life – from “balcony flash mobs” to live Instagram “concerts from home” and free access to a variety of digital services and products (streaming platforms, ebooks, etc.). It is in this spontaneous framework of grassroots and top-down solidarities that La radio per l’Italia places itself, also as an unprecedented event in the (Italian) history of communication.

My Third Semester: Internship at the European Commission Representation in Scotland

Besides the Research Track, the Euroculture MA offers the possibility to do an internship during the third semester. Today, we are featuring Mathilde Soubeyran, who went to Scotland! Read more about her experience at the European Commission Representation there.

My Third Semester: Research Track at Osaka University, Japan (2017-2019)

Thinking about doing a research track at a non-EU partner university of the Euroculture consortium? Today, we’re featuring Osaka University in Japan! Learn more about their research track directly from students who just came back from their 3rd semester there!