DEBATE: The European Chips Act — Mission (Im) Possible? 

By Lena Eisenreich. After her semesters in Strasbourg, Kraków and Udine she is now writing her thesis about Youth Lobbying in Strasbourg. She holds a BA in European Business. Recently she was gathering Sales experience from the automotive industry towards Big Tech. Currently, she is involved in various think-tanks such as European Horizons as a … Continue reading DEBATE: The European Chips Act — Mission (Im) Possible? 

In Focus: IP || IP 2021: Concordat versus laïcité – the case of Alsace-Moselle

Alsace-Moselle is an exception to the French principle of laïcité – strict separation between State and Churches. The local Concordat regime remains in Alsace-Moselle, distinguishing it from the rest of France. How has the existing Concordat system in Alsace-Moselle been rationalised in the light of the French principle of laïcité? To answer this question, we will explore the legal and judicial discourse surrounding the 1801 Concordat.