Who Polices the Internet? Content Removal v. Freedom of Speech

Julia Mason guides us through the trenches of the internet’s most contested battleground and asks is ‘Hate speech’ the same as ‘Freedom of Speech’. WARNING: This article may contain images of an upsetting nature.

Immigrants, Visas and Silver Bullets: How will UK Migration work Post-Brexit?

Eoghan Hughes examines the promises, pledges and pitfalls surrounding the UK’s immigration policy in a post-Brexit reality.

The European Union’s ‘Game of Thrones’: Who Will Be The Next President of The European Parliament?

Bastian Bayer introduces us to the contestants in this game and gives us insight into the rise of Martin Schulz.

The Back Office: New Students

Albert Meijer waxes lyrical on the joy new students bring- and the trouble. Enjoy Albert’s regular column on the coordinated chaos of administration

Portuguese Brexit? EU sanctions from the Portuguese perspective

Elisa Abrantes navigates the dangers Portugese public opinion and EU decisions