Message from an Obama Groupie: An ode to the Obama decade

Lianne Arentsen Some say most Europeans are fans of Obama. I am not sure about that, but I definitely am. You could say I am an Obama groupie. So this article will be an ode… More

Should Voting be Compulsory in the US?

The US has some of the lowest voter turnouts in the Western World, despite being one of the oldest democracies! Should compulsory voting be used to solve this problem?

The Uncertain Fate of Post-Brexit Cinema

In the throes and woes of Brexit, British cinema stands to lose big; Emilie Oudet explains how.

The Czarny Protest: Poland’s Government faces revolt over new strict Abortion Bill

Emma Danks-Lambert follows the emergence of the Czarny Protests against strict new abortion laws being introduced in Poland

The Hybrid War: Russia’s disinformation campaign and the New Cold War

With Russian propaganda in the EU rising, the East Stratcom Task Force are the EU’s first line of defence against disinformation, reveals Lianne Arentsen in this chilling, engaging and humorous analysis of the Hybrid War.

Asian or Eurasian Century? The Emergence of a Media Trend or a Multipolar world

Daniele Carminati looks into the future and sees a new world order where the West is no longer setting the global agenda

Catch 22: Clinton vs Trump 2016

The US election is an unpopularity contest – and here is why!

What is an Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree?

What is an Erasmus Mundus Master? Is it for you? According to popular travel blogger Virginia Stuart-Taylor, if you love to travel, Erasmus Mundus might just be your ticket to the world.

The Danger of Ridiculing Trump: Even if he loses Trump and his supporters cannot be ignored

Trump, whether he wins or loses, has changed the game, and his voters cannot be ignored, or laughed away. They won’t disappear, they need to be won over.

Defending Human Rights? Euroculture Students on the Track of Human Rights In and Outside EU

Sabine Volk Yke Wijnker Edited by Catherine Burkinshaw In October 2015, Groningen’s first year Euroculture students went on a three-day study excursion to Brussels. Together with our teacher and organizer of the trip, Albert Meijer,… More