Udine: Places to study and things to do

The following piece provides an overview of the Euroculture students of the 2022-2024 cohort’s favourite places to face the cold and rainy weather while waiting for summer to come! This is the second of three pieces which provides information over the Euroculture city Udine. The first section is all about food. This second section is all about how to spend your time in Udine, in the moments you are not filling your stomach, and the third piece shares practical information on Udine. So enough with food and practical information, the study and travel places are in the focus now!

City Lifestyle: How to live a sustainable lifestyle in Strasbourg

Do you want to have a more sustainable lifestyle during your semester in Strasbourg? Check out this article, in which Clara Weber gives an overview of a range of possibilities to do something good for the environment and save money. Clara writes not only about sustainable ways of transportation, but also shares her favourite places to buy organic and local food and tells you the best secret places to find second hand clothes or furniture. Don’t miss out on that option!

City Lifestyle: Krakow

The article features the second largest city of Poland - the vibrant and beautiful Krakow. The author describes the city and its lifestyle in 5 reasons explaining why Euroculture students should choose this city as their future living location. Such reasons include interesting facts about Krakow as well as tips and suggestions that Euroculure students and other visitors will surely appreciate.

City Lifestyle: Uppsala’s Amazing Libraries

By Carolina Reyes Chávez I’ve never been that good when it comes to focusing on studying at home – maybe because I have everything at hand to procrastinate epically. Given that, some time ago I realized that it really helps for me to go to a place where there are more people working. Libraries happen … Continue reading City Lifestyle: Uppsala’s Amazing Libraries

City Lifestyle: Local Groceries in Local Groningen

The Netherlands has four major supermarket chains that can be found all over any city: Albert Heijn and Jumbo are the two largest, followed by Aldi and Lidl as slightly more affordable chain counterparts. Here and there you might also find a Coop or a Spar as alternatives, and while chain supermarkets tend to be close by and convenient, you pay for that convenience in both price and plastic. 

City Lifestyle: Student Nations in Uppsala

Besides having a high-ranking university, beautiful old buildings, and being surrounded by nature, Uppsala has a vibrant student life, unlike any other Euroculture City. The reason? Student Nations! This article will tell you everything you need to know about these Swedish traditional clubs – from the stairs in front of Värmlands to the fancy Gasques – a membership at a nation will define your Uppsala student life!