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Management Team

Eoghan Hughes, Editor-in-chief


Eoghan Hughes

Bio: Eoghan has worked with many student and professional publications as a writer, copy-editor and editor. Having studied history in his undergraduate at Trinity College Dublin, Eoghan decided it was time to pay attention to the present. Eoghan lives and works in The Hague.


Elisa Roquete McShane Abrantes, Copy-Editor


Elisa Abrantes

Bio: Elisa is currently in the third semester of the MA in Euroculture in IUPUI, Indianapolis where she aims to get an insiders perspective on American politics and culture before heading back to Europe.


Galit Goldstein, Managing Director


Galit Goldstein

Bio: Galit has always been interested in European history, politics and society, and is researching the transatlantic relationship at Jagiellonian University in Poland and Georg-August-Universität Göttingen in Germany. Galit has worked in the NGO sector in Laos, in the Texas legislature, and most recently, at the European Parliament’s Liasion Office in Washington, D.C.



Ryan Minett, Promotion


Ryan Minett

Bio: American masters student studying Euroculture in Germany and the Netherlands. Originally from New York and studied German and European Studies at Washington University in St. Louis.


Editorial Team

Sabine Volk, Content-Editor and Senior Correspondent


Sabine Volk

Bio: Having studied in Groningen and Strasbourg, Sabine is currently doing the Euroculture research track at IUPUI. In her research, she focuses on new forms of ethnic nationalism in Europe.


Julia Mason, Content-Editor and Correspondent


Julia Mason

Bio: Julia Mason is in her third semester of the Euroculture programme, currently interning at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. When not descending into debate about European politics and foreign languages, she is partial to a nice cup of tea.


Eric Hartshorne, Content-Editor and Correspondent


Eric Hartshorne

Bio: Eric Hartshorne is a second year student of Euroculture who has studied Uppsala and Göttingen. Eric is now an intern working with questions regarding democracy and violent extremism within the Swedish government offices.


Bastian Bayer, Content-Editor and Correspondent

bastian bio.jpg

Bastian Bayer

Bio: Bastian Bayer studied International Relations in his undergraduate and decided to focus on Europe. Having studied Euroculture in Uppsala and Strasbourg he is now doing his third semester at the department for relations to the European Parliament at the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin.


Arnab Dutta, Correspondent

Arnab Dutta

Bio: Having studied in Göttingen and Groningen, Arnab is now in his third semester research track in Uppsala, researching the European cultural policies of the interwar period. He is particularly interested in cooking, travelling, postcrossing, and writing and publishing about Europe in his mother tongue Bangla.


Albert Meijer, Correspondent

Albert profile.jpg

Albert Meijer

Bio: Albert Meijer graduated from the Euroculture programme in 2013, and now works as a course coordinator in the Euroculture consortium office in Groningen. He’s also a freelance writer, a singer in a band, and a board member for a local LGBT organization.

Arne van Lienden, Correspondent

Arne van Lienden

A first year Euroculture student in Groningen, where he also obtained his BA in American studies. Combines an interest in politics and elections with an unhealthy obsession with Manchester United.


Daniele Carminati, Correspondent
daniele profil.png

Daniele Carminati

Daniele is an aspiring polymath with a particular penchant for the Far East and its relations with the West. Daniele is currently doing the research track in Osaka, Japan, focused on education and cultural policies for next semester.  

Guest Contributors

Emily Burt


Emily Burt

Bio: London-based journalist Emily Burt works as the digital content co-ordinator at People Management Magazine. In her spare time she likes to watch British politics burn.


Emma Danks-Lambert


Emma Danks-Lambert

Bio: Emma Danks-Lambert is an Australian student of the Visegrad International Relations Master program run out of Jagiellonian University. As well as the Visegrad Four countries, Emma has spent time in Dublin working with Pavee Point.


Sophie van den Elzen


Bio: Sophie van den Elzen is a Dutch PhD student with an active interest in social movements through history and the language of activism. She’s compared many cafes across the world but will need to visit more before she can come to her final decision.


Elizabete Skrastina


Elizabete Skrastina

Bio: Born and raised in Latvia, from age 18 Elizabete has worked and studied in various European countries. Currently, she is a final year student in Cardiff University, studying French and Politics. She actively participate in local projects promoting the European Union. Since 2015 she has worked as a Student Language Ambassador.

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