Our Team

Guilherme Becker (Göttingen, Groningen)
“After some years working as a journalist in the valleys of Southern Brazil, time came to me to yet again further my studies with something challenging: diving deeply into Europe’s cultural and political quotidian. This adventure started in Göttingen and went up to Groningen in February. Apart from reading and writing, I appreciate some simple and bright things of life such as history and movies and football and rock and jazz and soul and classical music.”

Maeva Chargros (Olomouc, Krakow)
“I joined the Euroculture adventure after a BA in Nordic studies and working in digital communications. In my spare time I used to be involved in Model European Union simulations since 2012, but also Vice-President of BETA Europe in 2016-2017. I am now focusing on learning Czech as well as reading as much as possible about Czech history and culture. My main flaw consists of being constantly interested in absolutely everything and anything – including the geopolitics of kangaroos in the North Pole, for instance.”

Anne-Roos Renkema (Groningen, Uppsala)
“Hej! My Euroculture adventures have brought me from the rain in the Netherlands to the snow in Sweden, and I have enjoyed every second of it. My background is in Liberal Arts, with a focus on history, philosophy and politics. Accordingly, I have a love for all things historical, from global to local, as well as for art, literature and politics. Apart from that, you can find me writing, reading, researching, learning new languages, or making up hilariously horrible puns.”

Ivana Putri (Göttingen, Groningen)
Upon completion of my BA in International Relations and a gap year of internships at foreign affairs institutions, I left my hometown halfway across the planet to embark on an adventure that comes with alternating between Germany and the Netherlands every six months. My Euroculture life has not only allowed me to finally explore my passion for the arts and intercultural relations, but also to experience the entire four seasons for the first time (!). On the rare occasions where I’m not occupied with my studies, I’m usually either immersed in some film, writing, frying bananas while listening to Ella Fitzgerald or binge-ing on series set in the mid-20th century.

Jelmer Herms (Groningen, Göttingen)
“Hi! Before coming to the Euroculture programme earlier this year, I studied English Language and Culture at the University of Groningen. My BA thesis was on issues of transnational representation in modern literature, but I’m also interested in film (in which I have a Minor), linguistics, history, and EU or Dutch national politics. In my daily life you can find me moaning about my commute, overeating, and reading anything that isn’t my study material.”

Nemanja Milosevic (Udine, Bilbao)
“I decided to join Euroculture after finishing my BA in Ethnology and Anthropology, with a focus on Urban Anthropology and Anthropology of Popular Culture. I am interested in the diversity in Europe and how it translates into media and literature, and I am primarily focused on literature and cinema in languages that I speak, Serbian, English, German, Spanish and Italian. Another very important topic for me is the role of the left-wing political options in the modern world and its future.”


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