The Magazine

The Euroculturer was established in June 2012 as an initiative of Eunjin Jeong, a student of European politics. It expanded rapidly with the active participation of many members of the European Politics, Culture and Society program , including alumni and staff. The Magazine is aimed at tackling, in brief, the issues surrounding European culture, society and politics in the global context. The Journal takes the form of longer submissions published twice a year, aiming at tackling the same issues in more depth. The three founding visions of the magazine are boost awareness of the issues facing contemporary Europe, to connect modern Europe to the wider world, and to grant the contributors a platform for their ideas.

Meet Our Team 

The Euroculturer has a working team consisting of the Management Team, a Promotions Officer and the Editorial Team. Contributors, normally correspondents from the 12 Euroculture partner universities play very important roles in The Euroculturer while everyone is welcome to write articles on many different topics, send photos and to become active commentators. The Euroculturer aims to provide an ideal training ground for European thinkers, encouraging future scholars, writers, journalists, artists, and web designers to articulate views on current events.

The Euroculture consortium is engaged in the operation of The Euroculturer in that it officially acknowledges the magazine and provides the yearly budget for web maintenance.