No Sacrifice, No Victory: Building Chinese collective narratives

In this article, Euroculture Alumnus Wong Tsz explains how movies such as “Sacrifice” (金剛川) serve to build collective narratives in contemporary China.

German Elections Explained – Inside the politics of the 2017 campaign

German elections: Angela Merkel has won another term, the SPD has taken a hit, and the far-right has won seats in the Bundestag. Wong Tsz sheds light on how it all went down.

On German Elections 2013

王 子 Wong Tsz  The German Bundestagswahl (parliamentary election) ended on 22 September. The centre-right CDU/CSU (Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union), led by Angela Merkel, won with 41.5%; the main opposition party SPD (Social Democratic… More

Mandarin – The Transformed Evil Chinese

王 子 Wong Tsz “A true story about fortune cookies: they look Chinese, they sound Chinese, but they’re actually an American invention, which is why they’re hollow, full of lies and leave a bad taste… More

Toru Takemitsu’s Requiem – The Aesthetic of Mono no Aware

In this article, I do not intend to frame music to its origin, or to generalise music composition into representation of a certain culture. Instead, what I wish to demonstrate is how I see Toru… More

On Christmas Cards

Wong Tsz Every year I send Christmas cards to my family and friends around the world. It is a very important tradition for me: one which I wish to keep for the rest of my… More

Gangnam Style – Decoding Transculturalism in Pop Music

In this article, I wish to demonstrate a comprehensive overview of how “Gangnam Style” reflects certain phenomena of Transculturalism. One thing I find most intriguing in music is precisely the ‘invisibility’ which gives immense space… More

God Jul from The Euroculturer

First round of the Second Edition of The Euroculturer 19 December 2012 A Christmas card from Wong Tsz is unconditional: you just need to know that you were remembered and that you’ve got a friend in him.… More