Portuguese Brexit? EU sanctions from the Portuguese perspective

Elisa Abrantes navigates the dangers Portugese public opinion and EU decisions

The Hybrid War: Russia’s disinformation campaign and the New Cold War

With Russian propaganda in the EU rising, the East Stratcom Task Force are the EU’s first line of defence against disinformation, reveals Lianne Arentsen in this chilling, engaging and humorous analysis of the Hybrid War.

What is an Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree?

What is an Erasmus Mundus Master? Is it for you? According to popular travel blogger Virginia Stuart-Taylor, if you love to travel, Erasmus Mundus might just be your ticket to the world.

Notes from a lonely island #1: Missing – £350 million

Emily Burt guides us through Brexit Britain “On the day Nigel Farage attempted to drown Bob Geldof with a water cannon, I genuinely believed I was witnessing one of the most baffling moments of British history. The months since have only shown how wrong I was. Welcome to Brexit Britain – the weirdest and loneliest island in the world.”

The Back Office: New Students

Albert Meijer waxes lyrical on the joy new students bring- and the trouble. Enjoy Albert’s regular column on the coordinated chaos of administration