Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: The EU’s failure on violence against women and abortion

SRHR. Four letters that have a very significant weight on political debate all around the world. Between religion, human rights, and protection of women, where does the European Union stand nowadays? Agnese Olmati shares her critical perspective on the matter.

A Bridge over Troubled Water: The Balkans and the EU

Agnese Olmati analyses the next step of EU enlargement strategy: 2025 & the Balkans. What are the main challenges, but also the different visions?

70 Years Later: Lights & Shadows of Human Rights

What lessons should we draw from the 70 years that passed since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights became a founding milestone of the United Nations? From Enlightened Universe to the Cairo Declaration, the current situation is rather contrasted.

Lampedusa: A Tragedy with a Plot Twist

What happens when an island lost in the middle of the sea becomes the “door of europe”? Read Lampedusa’s story, which might be surprising given the current political landscape in Italy.

Italy is Salvini or Salvini is Italy?

Does Salvini represent nowadays’ Italy? Or is there an alternative to his rhetoric and policies? Read more about the example of Domenico Lucano and his town Riace…