The Americorner: Conservative Europeans fear influx of Pastafarian migrants and the threat they pose to Europe’s Christian Values

SATIRE: Europe is faced with an unprecedented challenge to its identity and culture with the surge in Pastafarian migrants.

The Americorner: Christmas Cancelled? The CENTA Free Trade Agreement between the EU and North Pole Region Narrowly Avoids Collapse

In the wake of the controversy surrounding CETA, The Americorner asks why no one is worried about this far more comprehensive deal.

The Americorner with Ryan Minett: Farage advises anti-EU politicians in Germany to ease up

An American’s take on Europe and the Wider World: A satirical, factually inaccurate yet possibly politically stimulating stream of nonsense that is uncomfortably close to the truth. This week- Nigel Farage.

The Hybrid War: Russia’s disinformation campaign and the New Cold War

With Russian propaganda in the EU rising, the East Stratcom Task Force are the EU’s first line of defence against disinformation, reveals Lianne Arentsen in this chilling, engaging and humorous analysis of the Hybrid War.

What is an Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree?

What is an Erasmus Mundus Master? Is it for you? According to popular travel blogger Virginia Stuart-Taylor, if you love to travel, Erasmus Mundus might just be your ticket to the world.

Little Europe in Bengal: The politics and ‘desire’ of heritage

Is the conservation of European heritage in India a new form of colonialism? Arnab Dutta concludes his series on ‘Little Europe in Bengal’ by exposing the dangers of Europe’s fresh interest in India.