Scotland – are you ready for more? Scotland on course for second independence vote after Brexit: Notes from a Lonely Island #4

In the wake of the Brexit vote, another referendum could split the UK with Scottish nationalists pushing for another independence vote. Emily Burt shows us the fault lines in the lonely island.

Is Euroscepticism one of the key threats to the EU? When Healthy Criticism becomes Bad Medicine

Is the greatest threat to the EU its own citizens? Elizabete Skrastina shows us how healthy criticism became Euroscepticism.

Online Terrorism: Radicalisation on the web

Editorial: Today the internet is a key platform for extremist propaganda and terrorist recruitment. Eric Hartshorne, author of ‘A brief history of Terror’ charts the rise of online terrorism and radicalisation and explains how they are being combatted.

Little Europe in Bengal: Contemporary trends in conservation

A new colonial rivalry is brewing in Bengal- not about land but about conservation. Join Arnab Duta’s wonderful tour of ‘Little Europe in Bengal’ where he guides us through the efforts being made to restore and conserve the remains of India’s lesser known colonial settlements, and the politics surrounding it.

What does it mean to be a European citizen? The realities of EU citizenship and the nationalism problem of Europe

What does being a citizen of the European Union mean? What rights, what obligations? And is it incompatible with national identity? Elizabete Skrastina explains the ins and outs of EU citizenship.

The Americorner with Ryan Minett: Farage advises anti-EU politicians in Germany to ease up

An American’s take on Europe and the Wider World: A satirical, factually inaccurate yet possibly politically stimulating stream of nonsense that is uncomfortably close to the truth. This week- Nigel Farage.

When Asylum becomes Prison: Refugee Siblings confined to Britain’s Dungavel Detention Centre

A prison “a terrifying place with clanging steel doors constantly being locked and unlocked by the guards, surrounded high fences and razor wire”. For failed asylum seekers -This is Britain.

Little Europe in Bengal: The politics and ‘desire’ of heritage

Is the conservation of European heritage in India a new form of colonialism? Arnab Dutta concludes his series on ‘Little Europe in Bengal’ by exposing the dangers of Europe’s fresh interest in India.