First edition

1st ed. 2nd rnd. Finishing Well for a New Beginning (NOW)

Second round, 1 November 2012

Eunjin meets a member of the MA Euroculture alumni, Alex Bunten, in Moscow and discovers why joining the Erasmus Mundus Association was a critical moment of his life. To protect the European music market from further Americanisation, Albert introduces four favourite European songs of Euroculture students and shares personal stories related to them. If you’re battling an insatiable appetite towards food, you’ll love Atka’s story. Sytske tells you the ‘inverted Cinderella Complex’ she has been experiencing in Pune, while Mimi shares her first impression of Poland and why she would not hesitate for a second to go back to Krakow. Ludmila introduces the red pickup truck she found in Indianapolis and tells us how to survive in American classrooms. Lili says hi from China and tells us five things she misses most about Göttingen, while Rashid reveals why professors in Bilbao get heart attacks to see students in class on 21 December. Anne puts the hot potato – the Euroculture Common Graduation Ceremony – on the table again and suggests how the discussion should continue. Last but not least, Lora tells us what it takes to be awarded with ALBA thesis prize.

First round, 17 October 2012

How did Penelope feel going back home to Greece after ten months of absence in the middle of the financial crisis? Helen asks a MA Euroculture freshman if he could wear only one colour for the rest of his life, which colour it would be. Miss Help tells a desperate European nomad from Euroculture how to make her suitcase lighter. Jojanne gives you tips on where to go for a romantic night in Groningen, while Ludmila tells you why she thinks Olomouc is as great as Prague. Emilie advises that it’s a good idea to learn Italian if you have chosen Udine as your host Euroculture city, and Bianca introduces ways to enjoy cultural life in Strasbourg by listing the must-go places. Check out why Heather felt relieved when entering an American airport for the first time in her life. Finally, Edith tells you why she cries over delicious food and cannot help but be a full-time foodie, while Atka brings an author, Stefan Zweig, to your attention.

The edition starts with the backstory of how The Euroculturer began.

Eunjin Jeong, Editor-in-chief


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